Based on interviews with more than 35,000 Americans ages 18 and older, this extensive survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details the religious affiliation, religious beliefs and practices as well as social and political attitudes of the American public. Explore the full report and interactive tools »

Report II – June 23, 2008

Press Coverage

June 23 – The Online NewsHour
New Survey Maps Shifts in the U.S. Religious Landscape

June 23 – ABC World News Tonight
Pew Survey Finds Surprising Flexibility in American Religious Tolerance

June 23 – CBS Evening News
Eye To Eye: Religion Survey

June 23, 2008 – The New York Times
Survey Shows U.S. Religious Tolerance

June 23, 2008 – The Associated Press
Religious Americans: My Faith Isn’t the Only Way

June 23, 2008 – The Washington Post
More Than 90 Percent of Americans Believe in God, Study Finds

June 23, 2008 – USA Today
Survey: More Americans Dropping Dogma for Spirituality

June 23, 2008 – Religion News Service
Think You Know What Americans Believe About Religion?

June 23, 2008 – Reuters
Evangelicals Not Locked in Partisan Embrace: Pew

June 23, 2008 – Politico
Pew Survey Finds Believers Flexible

June 23, 2008 – Newsweek
Believers in the Pews – And the Polling Booth

June 23, 2008 – TIme
Christians: No One Path to Salvation

June 23, 2008 – Dallas Morning News
Study: Most Americans Say Many Religions Can Lead to Eternal Life

June 23, 2008 – Los Angeles Times
92% of Americans Believe in God or a Universal Spirit

June 23, 2008 – The Boston Globe
Massive Study Finds Most Americans Devout, Tolerant

Resources for Reporters

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey Report II
June 23, 2008
Transcript of the telephone press conference announcing the release of second report on the Religious Landscape Survey. Audio transcript also available.

Reporting on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, Part II
June 23, 2008
A resource compiled by for reporters covering the second release of the Religious Landscape Survey.

New Report from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Finds Religion in U.S. is Non-Dogmatic, Diverse and Politically Relevant
June 23, 2008
Part II of U.S. Religious Landscape Survey details Americans’ religious beliefs and behaviors as well as their social and political attitudes.

Report I – Feb. 25, 2008

Press Coverage

Feb. 28, 2008 – The Economist
Brand Disloyalty

Feb. 27, 2008 – The NewsHour
Survey: American Religious Affiliations Fluid

Feb. 26, 2008 – NPR Morning Edition
Religion Survey Finds Many Americans Swap Faiths

Feb. 26, 2008 – NBC Nightly News
America’s Leap of Faith

Feb. 26, 2008 – CBS News
The U.S. Religious Marketplace

Feb. 26, 2008 – CNN Situation Room
Religion and Politics

Feb. 26, 2008 – The Chicago Tribune
Many U.S. Catholics, Protestants Leave Their Church

Feb. 26, 2008 – The Wall Street Journal
The Changing Faiths of America

Feb. 25, 2008 – The New York Times
Americans Change Faiths at Rising Rate, Report Finds

Feb. 25, 2008 – USA Today
Survey: Americans Freely Change, or Drop, Their Religions

Feb. 25, 2008 – The Washington Post
Survey: Many Americans Switch Faith Identity

Feb. 25, 2008 – Los Angeles Times
Religious? Yes; Faithful? Well…

Feb. 25, 2008 – Reuters
Many Americans Religiously Unaffiliated: Survey

Feb. 25, 2008 – The Associated Press
Survey: US Religious Landscape in Flux

Feb. 25, 2008 – TIME
America’s Unfaithful Faithful

Feb. 25, 2008 – Agence France-Presse
Protestants on Verge of Becoming Minority in US: Study

Feb. 25, 2008 – Religion News Service
Study Finds Americans Fluid in Their Religious Affiliation
Protestants Close to Losing Majority Status
Catholics Lose More Faithful Than Any Other Group
Hindus Thrive as Buddhists Struggle to Pass on the Faith
‘Unaffiliated’ Show Biggest Change Among U.S. Faith Groups
Study Shows Racial Diversity Across U.S. Faiths

Resources for Reporters

First Report on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
Feb. 25, 2008
Transcript of the press conference call announcing the release of the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey.

Reporting on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
Feb. 25, 2008
A resource compiled by for reporters covering the Religious Landscape Survey.

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Releases Results from a Landmark Survey on Religion in the U.S.
Feb. 25, 2008
Study shows most detailed estimates to date of the size and demographic characteristics of religious groups in the U.S. and finds that religious affiliation is both very diverse and extremely fluid.