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report | Mar 13, 2024

What Can Improve Democracy?

Amid growing discontent with the state of democracy globally, we asked over 30,000 people what changes would make their democracy work better.

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report | Aug 29, 2023

Views of India Lean Positive Across 23 Countries

Across 12 countries, a median of 40% of adults say they have no confidence in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do the right thing regarding world affairs. About eight-in-ten Indians have a favorable view of Modi.

report | Jun 27, 2023

International Views of Biden and U.S. Largely Positive

Overwhelmingly, people believe the U.S. interferes in the affairs of other countries, but most also believe the U.S. contributes to peace and stability around the world. U.S. President Joe Biden receives mostly positive reviews.