Many individuals contributed to this report. Amy Mitchell, the director of journalism research, and senior researcher Jesse Holcomb oversaw the effort and served as lead authors of the report. The development of the survey instrument was led by research associate Jeffrey Gottfried and the survey’s methodological strategy was led by research methodologist Kyley McGeeney. The news providers and website audit was conducted by research analysts Nancy Vogt and Monica Anderson. The Facebook and Twitter analysis was led by research associate Kenneth Olmstead, alongside research associate Michael Barthel and interns Alex Williams and Martin Shelton. Senior data architect Johnathan Hege and data architect Michelle Atkinson assisted in pulling data from the Twitter firehose, provided by GNIP. Interviews and site visits were conducted by Holcomb. The content analysis was managed by senior researcher Paul Hitlin. Coding and content analysis were conducted by Faith Jegede, Tatevik Sargsyan, Margaret Schmidt and Tori Vogel. Administrative coordinator Mark Hvizda provided Spanish to English translation. The city selection process was led by former research associate Jan Boyles who also helped in the study design.

Holcomb, Hitlin, Gottfried, Olmstead, Barthel, and research associate Katerina Eva Matsa managed the data analysis and wrote sections of the report. Matsa, Gottfried and information graphics designer Margaret Porteus developed the charts and graphics. The report was number- and fact-checked by Barthel, Olmstead, Vogt and research assistants Elisa Shearer and Kristine Lu.

Matsa and Holcomb served as the project managers. Scott Keeter, the director of survey research, provided research and editorial guidance. Communications manager Dana Page handled outreach for the project.

Pew Research President Michael Dimock helped guide the project, and Claudia Deane, the director of research practices, provided thoughtful feedback. Many Pew Research staffers provided communications, digital, editorial and graphics counsel and support, including Vice President of digital and communications Robyn Tomlin; administrative manager Cheryl Elzey; social media editor Andrea Caumont; senior digital editor Sara Goo; director of digital strategy Michael Piccorossi; art director Diana Yoo; and associate digital producer Joanna Brenner. Marcia Kramer copy-edited the study.