Using Social Media and Technology for Research on Low-Income Populations

Emerging technologies can facilitate increases in benefit access and program effectiveness, improvements in efforts to locate low-income, hard-to-reach populations and research cost savings. This session focused on identifying and using appropriate technologies to conduct research on low-income populations.

  • Mary Madden (Pew Internet and American Life Project) will give an overview of what is known about technology and Internet use among low-income and hard-to-reach populations, as well as the impact of emerging technologies on families, communities and teens.
  • Ashley Richards (RTI International) will provide an overview of how surveys and data collection processes can incorporate social media and mobile technologies to increase efficiency, timeliness and quality, especially for studies of low-income and hard-to-reach populations.
  • Diane Zambito (Cby25i) will highlight ways that researchers and program providers can use emerging technologies to connect and stay connected with low-income and at-risk youth, including those served by ACF programs. She will highlight effective strategies to locate youth to participate in survey research.