Thanks to multiple requests, and our hope to be useful and responsive to our audience, we posted a preliminary version of the September 2012 health survey data. Please note that this version includes the topline, questionnaire, CSV file, and SPSS file. Here’s an explanation of our data resources if you have questions about how to access these files. We will upload the full cross-tabs later this spring, after the publication of our final report based on this survey.

This survey has served as the basis for the following reports:

Mobile Health 2012

Health Online 2013

Tracking for Health

I would love to hear about any revelations (or publications) that result. You can send email (sfox at pewinternet dot org) or a tweet (@SusannahFox). Or post a comment on my blog if you want to publicly share what you find.

As always, thanks to my colleagues at the Pew Research Center and the California HealthCare Foundation for their support for this research.