For many years I have kept a personal archive of every health-related survey question the Pew Internet Project has fielded, dating back to our first health survey in 2000. I have shared it with colleagues and fellow researchers, but realized today that of course I should just post it online.

Download the PDF: Pew Internet health surveys 2000-10

If you would like a Word version, I am happy to send it to you via email (sfox at

Please note: this document contains only the questions, in the order and form they were asked in our phone surveys, not the results or the insights we gleaned. For survey data (the actual results) please visit the Data Tools section of our site, particularly to explore survey questions or to download data. Or read any of the 24 reports we have published on the internet’s impact on health and health care.

As always, I am interested to hear from you. Please send questions, comments, or suggestions via email or Twitter.