Susannah Fox guided a discussion of a combination of tools, content, and community changes that factor into health improvement. But what actually drives behavior change? And are we even asking the right questions? In a first for Health 2.0 we’re featuring a series of brief presentations, brand new survey results and discussion of what no one in health care wants to talk about–the “Unmentionables.”

Presentations from:

  • Alexandra Drane, President, Eliza
  • Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO, HealthTap
  • Richard Tate, Director, HopeLab
  • Doug Solomon, Chief Technology Officer, IDEO
  • Ramin Bastani, Founder,

Commentary and discussion with:

  • Alexandra Drane, President, Eliza
  • Thomas Goetz, Deputy Editor, Wired Magazine and Author, The Decision Tree
  • Jeff M. Livingston, MD, MacArthur OB/GYN
  • Sam Meckey, Vice President, Disease Management and Case Management, OptumHealth Care Solutions
  • Chris Cartter, General Manager, MeYou Health

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