Lee Rainie’s speech at the Integrated Media Association meeting was a hit on Twitter. Here are some quotes:

@EliIngraham: Lee Rainie: “Link love” is currency of trust and goodwill; transparency; aggregate the best related work; seek forgiveness if wrong. #ima09

@lbraun2000: Lee Rainie: public broadcasting (media) should partner with local libraries #ima09

@bryanmoffet: Lee Rainie: disengaged youth are confident important news will find them, via their network #IMA09

@beyondbroadcast: Lee: “Behold Homo Connectus”–different sense of space, time, access to info, co-presence, social networks, play, efficacy, time use #ima09

Not sure what Twitter is? Read the Pew Internet Project’s report on Twitter and status updating.

Then download Lee’s slides to learn more about how it all fits into his take on the new news media-scape.