Coverage of our Adults and Video Games report focused on the diversity of the gamer population — women, men, young, old, parents with kids at home, and even how games are being used to develop real-life skills.

CBS News showed video of an office rock band as well as a couple who have “date night” in their living room, virtually racing cars.

The Christian Science Monitor found examples of gaming in the military, sports, politics, and religious movements. Amazingly, “soccer goalie Marco Amelia revealed last week that he used his experience playing against Ronaldinho in a video game to block a penalty kick from the star in the first half of a real game Sunday between Palermo and AC Milan. ‘It was like playing against Ronaldinho on the PlayStation,’ he excitedly claimed. ‘He did the exact same run-up, it was very strange.'”

And Ars Technica focused on parents: You have kids? You game. You grow up? You take it offline