The Center for Connected Health’s 2008 Symposium was held in Boston on October 27-28, 2008. I gave a talk entitled, “Participatory Medicine: How User-Generated Media are Changing American Attitudes and Actions, Online and Off.”

Much of what I said can be traced directly to the conversations we have every day on, as well as to the data that the Pew Internet Project generates. But one of the most important insights came after my speech, in a conversation with Lena Sorenson, RN, PhD, an Associate Professor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. She pointed out that my 7-word challenge focuses on doctors and should instead focus on “providers” (doctors, yes, but also nurses, therapists, and every other health care professional who cares for people). I updated my slides before uploading them to the Pew Internet site to reflect that important change.