The Pew Internet & American Life Project thanks those who contributed their expertise and suggestions to the development of these surveys and the final report. Kristen Purcell at Princeton Survey Research Associates was particularly instrumental in crafting the surveys and imposing organization on an otherwise unruly set of research ideas.

The Project would also like to thank leaders of the Future of Music Coalition for their partnership in helping us draft the Online Survey of Musicians and promote it widely within the music community. Kristin Thomson and Jenny Toomey acted as liaisons between the Project and the many musicians’ organizations that agreed to spread word about the survey to their members.  Ms. Thomson and Wendy Harman also helped to code and organize the open-ended responses from the survey and contributed to their presentation in the report.

Finally, the Project is grateful to the following music organizations that allowed us to promote our Online Survey of Musicians to their members: Future of Music Coalition, Just Plain Folks, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, CD Baby, the Nashville Songwriters Association,, and the American Federation of Musicians. This survey would not have been possible without their involvement. The views expressed by those who responded to our Online Survey of Musicians do not necessarily represent the views of these organizations or their members. None of the above-mentioned organizations formally endorses the findings of this research.

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About Princeton Survey Research Associates International: PSRAI conducted the survey that is covered in this report. It is an independent research company specializing in social and policy work. The firm designs, conducts, and analyzes surveys worldwide. Its expertise also includes qualitative research and content analysis. With offices in Princeton, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., PSRAI serves the needs of clients around the nation and the world. The firm can be reached at 911 Commons Way, Princeton, NJ 08540, by telephone at 609-924-9204, by fax at 609-924-7499, or by email at Visit PSRAI online at: