New data from the 2010 Census was released today by the Census Bureau, filling in details about age, household type, homeownership and more. The latest release was a demographic profile of the nation; similar profiles have been released for each of the states and the District of Columbia. Here is a sampling of the news coverage:

The New York Times and USA Today look at the statistics about marriage. The Times focuses on the fact that less than half of U.S. households consist of married couples. USA Today writes about the rising share of unmarried couples. (A recent Pew Research Center report explored statistics and attitudes about changes in U.S. family life.)

Age is a popular topic: “The Generation Gap Widens on the South and West,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The Associated Press dives into the topic of gender and age, reporting that increased male longevity is narrowing the female population advantage among the elderly. Bloomberg reports on the nation’s oldest and youngest places. The nation’s median age is rising, reports in a story that also touches on trends in marriage and national origin.

Texas is a “strikingly youthful state,” reports the Houston Chronicle. But there are fewer Iowans in the traditional working age groups, the Associated Press reports. Indiana’s growing number of children makes it unique among Northeast and Midwestern states, according to the Associated Press.

The Newark Star-Ledger analyzed new data on national origin of Hispanics and concluded the Mexican population in New Jersey more than doubled over the decade. The Pew Hispanic Center plans to release an analysis and enumeration of Hispanic population groups in the United States by their country of origin later today.