The Pew Hispanic Center released an updated analysis today that compares Hispanic population counts in the 2010 Census with the Census Bureau’s own population estimates. (A previous analysis, published March 15, included numbers for 33 states. This report includes all 50 states and Washington, D.C.) Nationally, the 2010 Census counted nearly 1 million more Hispanics than expected, as compared with the bureau’s population estimates. That 1.9% discrepancy was notably lower than the gap seen in the 2000 Census.

In 32 states, the 2010 Census count was at least 2% higher than the bureau’s population estimate for Hispanics. In nine states, the 2010 Census count of Hispanics was at least 2% lower than the estimates. In the remaining nine states and the District of Columbia, the difference was less than 2% in either direction.

The report includes comparisons of 2010 Census counts and population estimates for Hispanics for all states, and ranks the states with the largest gaps between 2010 Census counts and population estimates.