The Census Bureau began a gigantic release of 2010 Census data today, publishing detailed race, Hispanic and population totals down to the block level for Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia. The bureau will release data for the remaining states (and District of Columbia) over the next two months, with the final state numbers due out before April 1.

The legal purpose of this data is that it will be used as the basis for redrawing the boundaries of political districts within states, from congressional districts to local government boards. But the numbers also will have a fascinating story to tell about racial change, dispersion of the Hispanic population nationwide, population growth or decline and other themes.

A few of the earliest news stories include: Hispanics largest minority in New Jersey in the Star-Ledger; Asian and Hispanic populations skyrocket in Virginia in The Washington Post; New Orleans population drops since 2000 in the Times-Picayune; and Mississippi coast population loss not as great as feared in the Biloxi Sun Herald.