Foreign-born Hispanics know more about the 2010 Census than their U.S.-born counterparts, and are more likely to say that they have participated or definitely will, according to a nationwide survey released today by the Pew Hispanic Center. Latinos who are immigrants also are more likely than U.S.-born Latinos to say the census is good for the Hispanic community.

The survey of Hispanic adults was taken March 16-25, which coincided with the arrival of 2010 Census forms in the mail at most U.S. households, as well as the arrival of a reminder postcard.

Overall, 85% of Hispanics say they already have sent in their 2010 Census forms or definitely plan to do so.  That is an increase in the expressed willingness to participate among Hispanics from previous Pew Research Center surveys in early March and in January. Hispanics are considered a hard-to-reach group. In 2000, 69% of Hispanic households mailed back their census forms, compared with 79% of non-Hispanic householders.