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Bipartisan support for increased sanctions against Russia, Pew Research/USA Today
Dems are at risk in midterms as Obama’s ratings fall, topline, ABC News/Washington Post
Majority supports ACA’s contraceptive mandate, topline, Kaiser Family Foundation
Both Republicans and Democrats have an age problem, FiveThirtyEight

Young boys’ academic struggles lead to economic struggles, The Upshot/NYT
Many states unemployment funds, battered by recession, still haven’t recovered, Stateline
Big Pharma poised to get even bigger with Pfizer-AstraZenica deal, Wall Street Journal

Health & Society
4.5 million+ people deported since sweeping 1996 immigration law, Migration Policy Inst.
Frequently requested statistics on immigrants and immigration, Migration Policy Institute
Study: 1-in-25 people on death row likely innocent, study, PNAS via Associated Press
Texas’ population has grown more than twice as fast as U.S. over past decade, WSJ
62% in U.S. say mobile tech has increased interpersonal communication “a lot”, Gallup

Income inequality in China now ahead of U.S., among highest in world, U. of Michigan
Latest polling on next month’s European Parliament elections, The Wall Street Journal
Population aging in many Latin American countries, Population Reference Bureau
Quarterly GDP and other national economic statistics in developed nations, OECD

Random Sample
The world’s deadliest animals, according to Bill Gates, gatesnotes.com

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