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Poll shows problems for Obama, peril for Senate Democrats, National Journal/Allstate
Democrats’ midterm turnout problem is worst in North Carolina, The Upshot/NYT
How immigration reform could change political landscape, Washington Post
Colorado voters feel good about legalized marijuana, Quinnipiac
Legislative Explorer: Visualizing the lawmaking process, U. of Washington via FlowingData
A history of Maine gubernatorial rematches, University of Minnesota

Recession and recovery have traded higher-wage  jobs for lower-wage ones, NELP
Income inequality isn’t as stark in college towns as you may think, FiveThirtyEight
Middle-class families squeezed as expenses soar, wages stall, Washington Post
Nearly 7.7 million families contained at least one unemployed adult, BLS via 538

Health & Society
Public high schools reached 80% graduation rate milestone, data, NCES via AP
Fewer slots for Americans as elite colleges admit more foreign students, The Upshot/NYT
Average U.S. retirement age rises to 62, Gallup
One-third of Americans haven’t visited a dentist in past year, Gallup
New urban-rural classification scheme for measuring health, CDC
Users of cholesterol drugs are eating more, getting fatter, JAMA Internal Medicine
How big viral publishers stack up against each other, comScore via Digiday

Steady growth projected for Asia, International Monetary Fund
New survey results from 60 countries, 2010-2014, World Values Survey

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