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Even in 2012, young voters still underrepresented at polls, Washington Post
53% of Va. voters oppose Medicaid expansion, Christopher Newport U.

Consumer sentiment up in April to nine-month high, University of Michigan/Reuters
Demand for home loans plunges, The Wall Street Journal
Price of new homes is surging, in part because houses are getting bigger, Washington Post
Optimism for rising U.S. home value is highest since 2007, Gallup
Why the housing market is still stalling the economy, The Upshot/NYT
Fewer Americans carrying a balance on their credit cards, Gallup
Debit, credit cards much more popular than checks for noncash payments, Atlanta Fed
New data on GDP and value-add by industry for 2013, Bureau of Economic Analysis
For women in tech, pay gap is unusually small, The Upshot/NYT

Health & Society
Digital ad sales grow, but news outlets get smaller share, Fact Tank/Pew Research Center
Chartbook: Southerners are more likely than those in other regions to be uninsured, KFF
Montanans, Alaskans most likely to put their states among best places to live, Gallup
How Michigan’s ban on affirmative action affected enrollment, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
Interactive: How do colleges fare on access, affordability and success? AEI
The slow death of the death penalty in America, The Economist
43% of ‘fatal falls’ in last decade involved a ladder, CDC
U.S. imported more firearms in 2013 than any year in past two decades, ATF

Growth in Latin America/Caribbean projected to remain subdued at 2.5%… IMF
…and may be even slower as global tailwinds become headwinds, World Bank
Index: Finland, Singapore, Sweden most networked for big data, World Economic Forum
Everest isn’t the deadliest mountain in the Himalayas, Washington Post

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