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Republicans narrow Democrats’ fundraising advantage in 54 competitive contests, WSJ
Many voters say Obama lies to the country on important matters, topline, Fox News
Christie, Bush and Paul are top GOP picks, today, for 2016, Fox News
California voters prefer lower taxes, fewer gov’t services by a 54% to 35% margin, Field 

What are the lingering effects of the Great Recession for Millennials? Atlanta Fed
Biggest predictor of how long you’ll be unemployed is when you lose your job, 538
Americans say real estate is best long-term investment, Gallup
10 Beige Book gems, WSJ

Health & Society
Americans’ views of technology and science in the future, Pew Research Center
How Americans die, Bloomberg
Court deportations drop 43% in past 5 years, New York Times
4% of adults are newly insured in 2014Higher fines compel sign ups, Gallup
Just how many Baby Boomers are there? 76.4 million, Population Reference Bureau
Black students increasingly concentrated in minority-dominated schools, ProPublica
Data show substantial declines in some diabetes-related complications, CDC
In March, the eastern U.S. was a cold, lonely pocket on a feverish planet, Washington Post

In Latin America, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay are least trusting of U.S., LAPOP
Where most U.S. diplomatic funding will go, WashPost
67% of Pakistanis say poverty there has increased in last year, Gilani Poll/Gallup Pakistan
What are labor-saving technologies doing to workers’ incomes? New York Times
How violence against women in the UK compares to stats across the world, 538

Random Sample
Economic consequences of Lent: What believers save for their suffering, The Economist

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