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55% say Ukraine is key to U.S., but most oppose using force, topline, McClatchy/Marist
Christie is regaining ground, but Clinton tops entire GOP field, McClatchy/Marist
88% of California voters say that their state is undergoing a serious water shortage, Field
Obama’s job approval is at 38% among South Carolina voters; Congress at 14%, Winthrop
In N.J., 73% say state too slow in getting funds to Sandy victims, Monmouth/Asbury Park
Ideology explains a lot of Congressional behavior, but what about personality? WashPost
Dems in some competitive Senate races are raising more money than Republicans, WSJ
How partisan are partisan Senate polls? FiveThirtyEight

Housing market slow to hit its spring stride, The Wall Street Journal
A look at the income of people ages 55 and over, Social Security Administration
Job market tightens in cities across the U.S., Bloomberg

Health & Society
Census changes questions for its surveys on health coverage, Census Bureau
Uninsured rate drops more in states embracing health law, Gallup
Higher Fines Compel Uninsured Americans to Sign Up, Gallup
You just finished your tax return. What’s the chance you’ll get audited? Washington Post
How much do Americans pay in federal taxes? Peter G. Peterson Foundation
New data illustrate local impact of tax credits for working families, Brookings
How does winning Pulitzers affect a newspaper’s readership? FiveThirtyEight
Is population growth in dense cities short-term or long-term? The Atlantic Cities
McAllen, Texas, residents are least likely to feel safe walking alone at night, Gallup
Black and Hispanic adults are more optimistic about quality of local schools, Nat’l Journal
Latinos continue to be affected by HIV at higher rates than whites, KFF
Gay men and Jews are the most likely groups to experience hate crime, Washington Post
Minorities are disproportionately hurt by air pollution, The Atlantic Cities
Nearly 4,000 accidental drowning deaths occur each year, on average, CDC
Fussy infants and toddlers tend to watch more media, American Academy of Pediatrics

Families undergoing major changes in countries around the world, Child Trends
How government spending in the EU has evolved over time, Eurostat
China’s economic growth slows to 7.4%, an 18-month low, in 1Q 2014, Reuters

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