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Public applauds Boston bombing investigation, topline, WashPost/ABC News
U.S. voters think Putin won’t stop at Crimea, but are unsure what to do, McClatchy/Marist
California voters still see Congress very negatively, The Field Poll
N.J. voters’ support to decriminalize marijuana is higher than ever, Rutgers-Eagleton
The rich vote in much higher rates than the poor, Vox
Foreign aid improves opinions of the U.S., Washington Post

The rise and fall of U.S. labor force participation, St. Louis Fed
What’s behind the decline of America’s retail workforce? The Atlantic
Losing benefits may not be prodding the unemployed back to work, FiveThirtyEight
Men’s median income peaked in 2000, at $37,791, DemoMemo
ACA’s coverage provisions will result in lower net costs to federal gov’t, CBO
12 states produced 80% of U.S. wind power in 2013, Energy Information Administration

Health & Society
Americans’ views of taxes and the IRS, Pew Research Center
Individual taxes as a % of GDP in U.S. are consistent with OECD average, FiveThirtyEight
As taxes rise, half in U.S. say middle-income pay too much, Gallup
56% of tax filers say they pay the right amount in federal income taxes, McClatchy/Marist
Number of Americans living in high-poverty communities is on the rise, The Atlantic Cities
Charter school students are 4.2% of all students, but that’s growing, Urban Institute
How much are students paying out of pocket for college? NCES

Interactive: Compare views of moral issues by country, Pew Research Center
China, Saudi Arabia, Russia have highest % increase in military spending, The Economist

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