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Like Bush, many Republicans are moderate on immigration, FiveThirtyEight
Within genders, age divides opinions on Obama, Congress, The Wall Street Journal
Google’s campaign donations and lobbying money shot up in recent years, WashPost
Iowa Republicans surrender record number of state house seats in 2014, U. Minn.
New Jersey voters give Christie okay grades on Hurricane Sandy recovery, Quinnipiac

Federal employees’ pay gap shrinks; few women in top jobs, Washington Post
Top earners feel the bite of tax increases, The Wall Street Journal
Chart: Most of your taxes go to defense, social security and major health programs, Vox
More than half of Americans say federal taxes too high, Gallup

Health & Society
Which cities are college grads most segregated from everyone else? The Atlantic Cities
The typical age of a librarian was about 40 in 1980, and had risen to 51/52 in 2005, 538
Share of large firms offering retiree health benefits to active workers on the decline, KFF
Washington’s population growth slows, Washington Post

Corruption concerns all generations of Indian voters, Gallup
As growth slows in India, rural workers have fewer reasons to move to cities, WSJ
Military spending continues to fall in the West, but rises everywhere else, SIPRI
The Iranian blogosphere is less active than it used to be, report, Washington Post
The ‘fragile middle’: Millions face poverty as emerging markets slow, Financial Times
In EU, women’s employment rate up to 63% from 58% in 2002, European Commission
Prayer over-reported in Muslim world, like churchgoing in North America, Vox
Modest trade growth anticipated for 2014 and 2015 following two-year slump, WTO

Random Sample
6 charts on how America has changed since ‘Mad Men,’ Vox

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