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GOP voters more likely to see ACA as ‘very important’ to their vote, Pew Research
No improvement for Congress in its latest job approval rating, Gallup
Global image of U.S. leadership rebounds, Gallup
How often do federal elected officials survive sex scandals? Washington Post
Yee scandal taints Californians’ views of their legislature, Field Poll
N.J. voters split on legalizing recreational marijuana…, Quinnipiac
… most see alcohol and tobacco as bigger dangers, Monmouth U./Asbury Park Press

Poor neighborhoods fare better in thriving cities than stagnant ones, Cleveland Fed
Fed worries that continuing low inflation means a weak economy, The Wall Street Journal
Crude oil reserves rose for fourth straight year in 2012, to highest levels since 1976, EIA
Gender pay gap tracks with number of women in state legislatures…, FiveThirtyEight
… and also linked to minimum wages, Huffington Post

Health & Society
Most say filing taxes is easy; few willing to pay for simpler formstopline, AP/GfK
North Dakotans, Iowans most positive about their schools, Gallup
Have U.S. light rail systems been worth the investment? The Atlantic Cities
How unusual was mass stabbing at Penn. high school? Hard to say, FiveThirtyEight
Car makers accelerating recalls as regulators get more aggressive, WSJ (also Vox)
College wait lists are rejection letters in disguise, Vox
More college students battle hunger as education and living costs rise, Washington Post
More female athletes in NCAA, but not female coaches, Chronicle of Higher Ed.

U.S., German publics support U.S.-EU trade deal — in principle, Pew Research
The diverging paths of former Soviet republics, The Economist
In EU, 10 million part-timers are underemployed, Eurostat
Fiscal risks abating somewhat in advanced economies, rising elsewhere, IMF
Chart: World’s largest economies from 2001 to 2019, CNN Money
Immigrants to Sweden close labor gap with natives over time, Migration Policy Institute

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.