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Democrats represent House districts with most income inequality, The Atlantic
Support for Ukraine intervention linked to ignorance on where it is, Monkey Cage
D.C. voting spotlights demographic divides among Democrats, The Wall Street Journal
What trade associations opposing higher minimum wage are spending, Open Secrets

Cities with widest rich-poor gap tend to have least affordable housing, NYT
Consumer spending stalls in March, no year-to-year growth, Gallup
Interactive: What you’ll pay in gas taxes across the U.S., CNN Money
How aging U.S. population may affect labor-force participation, Business Insider
Inflation may hit the poor the hardest, FiveThirtyEight
Graph: The long-term unemployment problem, St. Louis Fed
Temp jobs surge as firms contain expenses, The Wall Street Journal
Pay lagging for associate professors, interactive, AAUP via Chronicle of Higher Education

Health & Society
Most deportations follow minor crimes, records show, New York Times
Remittances from migrant women rose from 2009-2013, WSJ
Uninsured rate is the lowest since 2008, Gallup
How academic ‘stars’ affect productivity, NBER
The ideal lengths of every tweet, Facebook post and headline, Fast Company
Three months into legal marijuana, Denver’s crime rate steady or lower, Vox
You’re less likely to die in a car crash nowadays, Vox

Global economy wobbly, but may have some staying power, Brookings/FT TIGER index
Nigeria’s economy now biggest in Africa, passing South Africa, The Wall Street Journal
Talk gets cheaper: The rise of the low-cost smartphone, The Economist
Facts and figures on India’s election, the world’s biggest (and longest), Washington Post

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