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192,000 new jobs in March; unemployment still at 6.7%, BLS via Quartz
Methodology: Seasonally adjusting BLS employment numbers, Washington Post
Actually, it’s 189,000 new jobs, according to alternative seasonal adjustments, Brookings
Many microbusiness owners depend on second job, Gallup
How the rich and poor spend money today and 30 years ago, The Atlantic
The high price of middle class membership, Washington Post
Map: The most important exported good from every state, Business Insider
Using social media to measure labor market flows, NBER

Health & Society
U.S. doesn’t rank high in religious diversity, Fact Tank
Are veterans’ mental health needs being met? Washington Post
Why Iraq War produced more PTSD than Afghanistan conflict, Washington Post
More highly educated Americans are choosing cheaper metro areas over big cities, WSJ
Americans show low levels of concern on global warming, Gallup
5.4 million gained health insurance since 2013, Urban Institute/RWJ
The nation’s report card: Measuring America’s urban schools, NCES
Dramatic increase in e-cigarette-related calls to poison centers, CDC
Map: The end of extended jobless benefits, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Map: Adult populations receiving Social Security Disability Insurance, Urban Institute

Half of the most religiously diverse countries are in Asia-Pacific Region, Pew Research Center
Visualizing 200 years of urban sprawl in Paris, Sao Paulo and L.A., The Atlantic Cities
New Zealand, Switzerland, Iceland rank highest on social progress, Social Progress Index

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