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At 49%, Obamacare support hits a new high, topline, ABC News/Washington Post
Politics are biggest factor in views of healthcare law, Gallup
DNC has racked up large debt and lags RNC in fundraising, The Wall Street Journal
A gaffe can matter when it motivates the base, FiveThirtyEight

Investors young and old are risk-averse when it comes to retirement savings, Gallup
Interactive: State employment changes by industry, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Retail sales, cashiers are occupations with largest employment, BLS
Employment continued its road to recovery in 2013, BLS
Funding gap continues to grow in state pension plans, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Median household income rose 1.2% in February, Sentier Research

Health & Society
Missouri is no longer the nation’s meth-bust capital, Washington Post
Chart: Jobs with the highest obesity rates, The Atlantic
Chart: How married couples reported meeting each other, FiveThirtyEight
Interactive: Motorcycle deaths and helmet laws, New York Times
‘Popular’ teens are at higher risk for gossip, harassment, physical abuse, USA TODAY
A population slowdown for small town America, Census via Brookings
Cisco predicts U.S. will maintain lead in mobile broadband usage, Brookings
Statistical portrait of Native Americans, Urban Institute
Differences among men and women in financial knowledge, Urban Institute

UK health disparities by wealth, race and geography, Office for National Statistics
Euro area unemployment at 11.9%, Eurostat
Singapore, S. Korea pupils scored best on creative problem-solving tests, OECD
OECD annual inflation slows to 1.4%, OECD
67% of people who fly out of America arrive at a better airport, The Economist

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.