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Shrinking majority of Americans support death penalty, Pew Research Center
Death penalty executions in each state since 1977, Pew Research Center
Young Americans’ affinity for Democratic party has grown, Gallup
Voters oppose Obamacare, see worsening job situationtopline, Fox News
Obama health law fails to gain supporttopline, AP/GfK
Older Americans more likely to say a Cold War is returning, Gallup
Analysis: What’s behind public’s negative views for Obama on Ukraine? CBS News
Analysis: How question order skewed pre-election polls in N.J., Langer/Rutgers-Eagleton

Health & Society
Pope Francis extremely popular among American Catholics, CBS News
Divorce is actually on the rise, and it’s the Baby Boomers’ fault, Washington Post
Map: The most popular destinations for immigrants coming to America, Business Insider
Metro areas now fuel virtually all of U.S. population growth, Washington Post
The link between housing prices and school performance in neighborhoods, Oxford
Estimated number of kids with autism increased 30%, CDC
10 facts about health care enrollment, New York Times
Alabamans struggle most to afford health care, medicine, Gallup
Effects of smoking laws on child health, The Lancet

Chart: Where everyone in the world is migrating, Science
Women in N. Africa report lowest levels of support, highest discrimination, Afrobarometer
Latin Americans say Pope Francis brings hope to the poor, Gallup
Not your mother’s Russia: NATO – USSR/Russia forces by the numbers, Washington Post
Interactive: Tracking Russia’s economy after sanctions, The Wall Street Journal

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