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Support for Obama, health care law has eroded among Hispanics, Pew Research Center
Ukraine crisis is hurting Obama at hometopline, AP/GfK
Record 68% of Americans view Russia as unfriendly or an enemy, Gallup
76% of Americans see pope in favorable light, Gallup
Americans OK with pot being sold in their town, less so in their neighborhood, CNBC
California poll shows bipartisan support for immigration reform, PPIC
Virginia voters favor Warner and Clinton despite negative Obama views, Quinnipiac
Study: Easy registration motivates voters, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Energy boom fuels rapid population growth in parts of Great Plains, Census Bureau
Rural America struggles as young people chase jobs in cities, Brookings, Census via WSJ
CEO pay rising, but not for all, The Wall Street Journal
Americans still bummed about economy, despite gains, CNBC
Fewest Americans earning minimum wage since 2008, BLS via WSJ
GDP increased at annual rate of 2.6% in 4Q 2013 (3rd estimate), BEA

Health & Society
14.5% of Americans were uninsured before ACA rollout in 2013, CDC
Charts: Obamacare’s amazing comeback, CNN Money
Consumers get $10 billion in subsidies for health coverage, Kaiser Family Foundation
ACA enrollment is top health policy story, KFF
Many Americans are confused about the ACA, RAND Corp.
Interactive: Most and least healthy U.S. counties, RWJF/U. of Wisconsin
Medical marijuana legalization doesn’t lead to violent crimes, PLOS ONE
Fewer patients — one-in-25 — are getting infections in hospitals, CDC

Europeans more upbeat about children’s future, but still pessimistic, Eurobarometer
Chart: NATO, Russia/USSR military spending since the Cold War, Washington Post
More countries are executing more people, The Economist

Random Sample
Charting the quality of TV shows over time, based on IMDB user ratings, Wired

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