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GOP, Democrats even in generic Congressional ballot, GWU Battleground Poll
Obama better at protecting environment than improving energy policy, Gallup
Catholic vote tends to track the broader electorate, The Wall Street Journal
Little relationship between public opinion, policymakers’ agendas, The Washington Post
Comparing top GOP and Democratic advertisers’ activity, The Cook Political Report
Most Americans say U.S. doesn’t have a responsibility in Ukraine, CBS News

Consumer confidence rebounds in March, The Conference Board
Millennials aren’t abandoning brick-and-mortar banks, Bankrate via Washington Post
4.3% of hourly paid workers earned federal minimum wage or less, BLS
Manufacturers ended 2013 with strong profit growth, The Wall Street Journal
Grad students driving growing student-debt burden, New America Foundation via WSJ
Are low-wage workers more likely to lose their jobs to computers? FiveThirtyEight
Who pays the most income taxes? People ages 45 and older, CNN Money
Most payday borrowers take out at least seven loans in a row, CFPB via CNN Money

Health & Society
Vulnerable populations least informed but most optimistic about ACA, USC
Insurance agents key to Calif.’s success enrolling Asian Americans, Kaiser Health News
Health insurance affordability prior to ACA rollout, by state, The Commonwealth Fund
Cities where the poor are most segregated from everyone else, The Atlantic Cities
Provo-Orem, Utah, leads U.S. communities in well-being index, Gallup
Doctors paid to advise, promote drug companies that fund their research, ProPublica
U.S. smoking declines driven by handful of counties, IHME (also NYT writeup)
Mentally challenging jobs may stress you out today, but keep you sharp later, U. Mich.

Man-made climate change contributed to some extreme weather in 2013, WMO via WaPo
65% of Europeans have internet access at home, 52% have mobile access, Eurobarometer
Gender gap in U.K. life expectancy at birth narrowed 2 years since 1982, ONS
Estimated 7 million global deaths resulted from air pollution exposure, report, WHO
In 2011, half of young adults in Europe were living with parents, Eurofound via Guardian
Where voting is compulsory, who supports/opposes it? Vanderbilt/LAPOP

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.