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Keystone XL pipeline divides Democrats, Pew Research Center
Virginia is top beneficiary of political parties, Associated Press via Politico
2014 Illinois primary election results, Politico
Interactive: When women inherit their husbands’ Congressional seats, Washington Post
Why do Asian Americans mostly vote for Democrats? Washington Post
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval rating drops in NYC; voters still optimistic, Quinnipiac
Waning influence? Tracking the ‘Unlobbyist’, Center for Responsive Politics

Why more skilled immigration would be good for American workers, too, Washington Post
Surprising attitudes toward energy costs, environmental impact, University of Michigan
The last decade was a historically awful time to enter job market, Brookings via WashPost
Where does the labor market stand?, Atlanta Fed
The re-emerging dominance of private mortgage insurers, Urban Institute

Health & Society
Elementary students are doing more homework than they used to, Washington Post
Fewer owners, more guns: The changes in American gun ownership, The Economist
Best way to increase rate of Twitter followers is to have more followers, Wired
Public school students will look pretty different by 2022, Huffington Post
Infographic: What Americans pay for health insurance under the ACA, JAMA via KFF
Why are Hispanics slow to enroll in ACA coverage? Health Affairs
Who had richer parents, doctors or artists? NPR
Data on prenatal care visits by provider specialty, 2009-2010, CDC
48% doctors use electronic health records – but use differs by state, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Emerging nations support open internet, Pew Research Center
In Ukraine, tolerance for different nationalities, religions has worsened since 2008, Gallup
Measuring the quality of life in the EU, indicators, Eurostat
10 charts on UK economy, ahead of new budget release, Guardian
The growth of London’s rail system, in 60 seconds, Guardian
Interactive: Search for missing flight is a ‘needle in a haystack’, Washington Post

Random Sample
March Madness at the Census Bureau: Test your knowledge of population data, Census Bureau

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