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Paul, Ryan, Clinton top poll of potential 2016 candidates, CNN/ORC
Less than half of voters say live TV is their main way to watch video, Public Opinion Strategies/Global Strategy Group
Iowa voters support medical marijuana by almost 5-t0-1, Quinnipiac U.
Wyoming leads in electing women to House over past quarter-century, U. of Minnesota

Adjustable-rate mortgages make a comeback, Wall Street Journal
Fewer small business loans going to black borrowers, Wall Street Journal
U.S. economic policy uncertainty index lowest since 2007, Economic Policy Uncertainty

Health & Society
Two-thirds of Americans satisfied with how healthcare system works for them, Gallup
Obamacare shakes up insurance-market competition in seven states, KFF
More colon testing leads to 30% drop in cancer rates, American Cancer Society
Children who watch more TV get less sleep, JAMA
And having a bedroom TV is associated with children’s weight gain, JAMA

Why Ukraine can’t fight Russia, and other charts that explain the world, Politico
Graphic on economic ties between Central/Eastern Europe, Russia, WSJ
Stronger property rights for Indian women linked to more suicides, domestic abuse, NBER
New data on 2013 international arms transfers, SIPRI
Leading economic indicators rise for Spainfall for Brazil, The Conference Board

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.