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Americans cite jobs, economy, government as top problems, Gallup
Americans slightly more upbeat about country’s direction, Gallup
Americans don’t believe Christie on bridge jam, Clinton on Benghazi, Bloomberg
Clinton up in Iowa as Christie’s support falls, Quinnipiac
History suggests McConnell is not as vulnerable as he seems, New York Times
The midterm x-factor? President Obama, Washington Post

U.S. retail sales rebounded in February, up 0.3%, Census Bureau
America’s most and least unequal metro areas, The Atlantic Cities
As desktops decline, mobile search is boosting Google’s revenue, The Wall Street Journal
Who pays as America greys? The surprising changes in federal spending, The Economist
Which companies have the most money parked overseas, out of IRS reach? Bloomberg
Lower costs for healthcare, medical goods largely driving drop in core inflation, Bloomberg
The rise and fall of U.S. labor force participation, St. Louis Fed

Health & Society
64% of Americans support Obamacare as is or with small changes, Bloomberg
Healthcare.gov gets 40% jump in traffic after Funny or Die video, CNN
How Western states are implementing healthcare reform, Rockefeller Institute at SUNY
Direct visitors more engaged with news websites, Pew Research Center
Pope Francis maintains high marks on one-year anniversary, The Wall Street Journal
New data on R&D spending at U.S. colleges and universities, National Science Foundation
Upbeat online messages far more likely than negative ones to affect others’ moods, WSJ

Few experts predicted Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, TRIP/Foreign Policy
OECD unemployment rate stable at 7.6% in January, OECD
Greek unemployment, already highest in Europe, rose to 27.5% in 4Q2013, AP
Reportedly low levels of genetically modified crops in trade data raises questions, FAO

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