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Most say U.S. should ‘not get too involved’ in Ukraine situation, Pew Research Center
Americans split on Obama’s handling of Russia, topline, ABC News/Washington Post
Congress’ low job approval persists, Gallup
Trust in Christie at all-time low, but N.J. voters still see strong leader, Rutgers-Eagleton
Women win special House elections at higher rate than general elections, U. of Minnesota
Republicans view their party much more negatively than Dems do their own, Roll Call
An updated analysis of Democrats’ Senate prospects this fall, Real Clear Politics

Taxpayers lost $105 million last year on minting pennies and nickels, Washington Post
Economic report of the President, The White House
Colorado took in $2 million from marijuana taxes in January, CNN Money
February’s Employment Trends Index suggests solid job growth ahead, Conference Board
Bringing home the bacon much more expensive in recent years, National Journal
What’s after rich baby boomers? Kids with a big inheritance, New York Times
How much slack is left in the U.S. economy? Bloomberg
CBO’s monthly budget review for February, CBO

Health & Society
Internet will become ever more woven into fabric of daily life, Pew Research Center
Study: Air pollution might make you bad at your job, Washington Post
Workplace injuries spike following switch to daylight saving time, The Atlantic
Hispanics are slow to sign up for ACA, Washington Post
Support for Obamacare slightly edges up, CNN/ORC International
Investors more likely to put money into a business idea pitched by a man, CNBC
Study: Women who can do math still don’t get hired, New York Times
Does women’s desire for A’s deter them from taking science, math classes? WashPost

Half of all German internet users accessed it via mobile devices last year, Destatis
Recovery continuing in G7 countries, but emerging economies are mixed, OECD
Private schools are winning over Australian parents, Guardian
Three years after Fukushima, nuclear energy still on global agenda, The Economist

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.