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59% approve of sanctions against Russia, CNN/ORC International
50% in Iowa say Hillary Clinton should run for president, Des Moines Register
Keystone XL project is overwhelmingly favoredtopline, ABC News/Washington Post
How many days has Congress actually worked in 2014? Washington Post
Texas could flip from red to blue in next few years, The Wall Street Journal

Americans’ views on ‘quality job’ prospects still recovering, Gallup
Apartment share of new-home construction at four-decade high, The Wall Street Journal
Bull market turned 5 on Sunday, Associated Press
Interactive: Eight different ways to visualize the labor market, New York Fed
U.S. market for illegal drugs tops $100 billion, RAND Corporation

Health & Society
Uninsured rate continues to fall, now at 15.9%, Gallup
E-cigarettes don’t discourage teens from smoking, may encourage it, JAMA
Public transit use reaches highest level since 1956, advocates report, New York Times
Food-stamp use soared as economy tanked, but demographic shifts dampened effect, PRB

Where working women have best, worst prospects of equal treatment, The Economist
Europeans view agricultural sector as important, but know little about it, Eurobarometer
Europeans are using more renewable energy, now 14% of energy used, Eurostat

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.