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Despite challenges, most N.J. Christie voters sticking by him, Rutgers-Eagleton
Record 59% support same-sex marriage; half say it’s constitutional right, ABC/WashPost

60 years of budget deficits in one chart, Washington Post
Breaking down spending in Obama’s budget proposal, Washington Post
White House more optimistic about economy than CBO, The Wall Street Journal
Obama’s calculations on the deficit and debt, New York Times
Federal spending on science would remain tighttables, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
PC shipments dropped 9.8% last year, further declines expected, Wall Street Journal
Jobless rates in 25 states, D.C. fell significantly in 2013, BLS
U.S. job creation improved in February, Gallup

Health & Society
Having children is major driver of spending patterns, Gallup
States that spend least on students are growing fastest, NCES via The Atlantic
Big Pharma cutting back on paying doctors for drug talks, ProPublica
Number of border patrol agents has soared since 1990s, The Wall Street Journal

Ukrainians, Russians both want open borders, but not integration into single state, Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation/Kyiv International Institute of Sociology/Levada Institute
Visualizing economic ties between Russia, Ukraine and Europe, Harvard Business Review
Between 2007-12, Venezuelan political culture shifted away from stable democracy, Vanderbilt/LAPOP
Ratings war in Mexico pits Nielsen against TV giants, The Wall Street Journal
Breakdown of China’s $2.45 trillion budget for 2014, The Wall Street Journal
Euro area GDP up by 0.3% in Q4 2013, Eurostat

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