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Fewer Americans think Obama is respected on world stage, Gallup
About half of Ohio voters favor legal marijuana, same-sex marriage, Quinnipiac
Nearly half of Marylanders say pot should be legal, topline, The Washington Post
Healthcare premium differentials could affect midterm elections, The Wall Street Journal

Brighter job picture for this year’s law-school grads — if they worked last summer, WSJ
Another look at retiring Boomers and labor force participation, Business Insider
Energy trade is a key part of overall U.S. trade flows, Energy Information Administration

Health & Society                                               
29% of voters haven’t watched any live TV in past week, Politico
Who does the NYT mention more — economists or political scientists?, The Monkey Cage
The state of America today, in 25 maps and charts, The Washington Post
Most nonmarital births unintended, but not always unwanted, Institute for Family Studies
Tax lawsuits edge downward, TRAC Syracuse

Women commute as long as men, but cover shorter distances, World Bank
EU job market dividing along north-south line, European Commission
Euro area annual inflation stable at 0.8%, Eurostat
Canadian senior couples closer in age; more are divorced, separated, Statistics Canada
53.7% of China’s population lived in cities in 2013, up 1.2%, National Bureau of Statistics
Do city residents live longer than their national average? Guardian

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