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72% of Americans view Israel favorably, 12% Iran, Gallup
More Americans now view Afghanistan war as a mistake, Gallup
Ohio voters divided on death penalty, Quinnipiac
The link between campaign contributions and ambassadorships, The Monkey Cage

A visual history of Obama’s economic policy, The Washington Post
The continuing burden of student debt, The Washington Post
Biggest increase in household debt since 3q 2007, New York Fed
Latest U.S. housing market index and data, NAHB/Wells Fargo
Foreigners net sellers of U.S. stocks in 2013, first time since 1992, New York Times
Aging boomers pushing down labor force participation, Center for Retirement Research
Startups are starting up hiring plans, The Wall Street Journal
Increasing minimum wage would lift many out of poverty but cost jobs, CBO
For decades, minimum wage not enough to lift most out of poverty, Fact Tank
Americans hoping tax refunds will cushion rainy day funds, National Retail Federation

Health & Society
Lung cancer is most life-consuming of all cancers, The Washington Post
Highest injury rate among Winter Olympic sports: snowboard cross, The Washington Post
Almost one-third use online review ratings to chose physicians, JAMA via HNGN
Violent crime down 3.6% in cities and 10.5% in non-cities in 2013, FBI
College students who don’t submit test scores perform well, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
Data profile of the uninsured in California, Kaiser Family Foundation
Prison-based education declined during economic downturn, RAND Corporation

Majority of Afghans are ‘suffering’ in 2013, Gallup
87% in UK used internet in Q4 2013, Office for National Statistics
OECD GDP growth rate stable at 0.6% in Q4 2013, OECD
Namibia, Thailand most dangerous countries for drivers, U. Mich. via The Atlantic Cities
You can legally vote twice in France, The Monkey Cage
How Canada’s parties became ideologically polarized in two decades, The Monkey Cage

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