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Unemployment now top problem for Americans, Gallup
Border security, immigrant status equally important, Gallup
Candidates come and go, but the gender gap has amazing staying power, WSJ
New Yorkers back marijuana legalization, 57% to 39%, Quinnipiac
Interactive: How ‘dark money’ flows through the Koch network, ProPublica
Congress could gain ground with American public, Gallup

Map: Which state has the highest marginal income tax rate? The Washington Post
Breaking down tech executives’ pay packages, Bloomberg
Millions have more credit-card debt than emergency savings, Bankrate.com via LA Times

Health & Society
Census Bureau experiments with email, texting to reach people, Pew Research Center
Average adult spent 4 days sick in bed in 2012, DemoMemo (from CDC)
44% of intellectually disabled in labor force, 34% actually working, The Washington Post
Academic libraries added 52.7 million e-books in 2012, Nat’l Center for Education Statistics
Long-term effects of getting bullied in fifth grade, Pediatrics
Cities and states with most homegrown residents, Business Insider
Scientific papers with more diverse input have greater impact, NBER
Millennials more aware of data-security issues but take more risks, Softchoice via HBR

Winter Olympic medals per population, GDP, The Atlantic
Manufacturing in much of E. Europe fully recovered from recession, European Commission
Japan’s household income, expenditure up slightly in 2013, Statistics Bureau
U.S., Mexico tied for most obese in developed world, OECD via PBS Newshour

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