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Majority of Americans and Mexicans, consider bilateral relations good, The Chicago Council
Voters regret Obamacare; 64% say corruption at IRS, topline, Fox News

Economists say Old Man Winter is taking a toll, The Wall Street Journal
Unemployment breakdowns in the U.S. and Europe, The Wall Street Journal
West Virginia has lowest payroll to population ratio, Gallup
U.S. small business owners’ optimism is up, Gallup
Gap between most, least expensive housing markets still wide, The Wall Street Journal

Health & Society
State laws affect rates of indoor tanning among female high school students, CDC
Household food security and SNAP presentation, USDA via Census
In U.S., 14% of those ages 24 to 34 are living with parents, Gallup
Rising inequality in postsecondary education, Brookings
ICE success in obtaining removal orders drops to 50%, TRAC Syracuse
How the world uses emoticons on Facebook, UC Berkeley
Scientific or technological breakthroughs typically come to people in late 30s, NBER

Winter Olympic buzz on Facebook around the world, Business Insider
The political economy of Dutch speed skating success, The Monkey Cage
Jobs recovery progresses in advanced economies, The Conference Board
Tokyo tops list of world’s most expensive cities, Guardian
World households growing at faster rate than world population, The Atlantic Cities
Updated fact sheet for tropical disease Yaws, World Health Organization
China’s consumer price index up 2.5%, National Bureau of Statistics of China
Euro-zone recovery picks up slightly, The Wall Street Journal

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