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Many lack confidence in Obama, Congressional GOP, topline, McClatchy/Marist
America’s views of Russia, Putin are worst in years, Gallup
House candidates raised less in 2013 than in 2011, Center for Responsive Politics
NY voters support Cuomo, prefer Clinton over Christie in 2016, Quinnipiac
Polarization in Congress has risen sharply. Where’s it going next? The Washington Post

IPO surge on path to rival dotcom boom, USA TODAY
Retail sales slip in January, Census Bureau
Average 401(k) balance hit record $89,300 last year, CNN Money
Who would benefit from a higher minimum wage? The Wall Street Journal
How risky are business cycles for top earners? NBER
New data from Panel Study of Income Dynamics, University of Michigan

Health & Society
1.1 million enrolled in health insurance marketplaces in January, HHS
Obamacare signups as percentage of projected enrollment, Forbes
Alaskans most positive about standard of living, West Virginians least, Gallup
2009, 2010 fetal death data files now available, CDC
5 facts about online dating, Fact Tank
Facebook leading online dating app across emerging markets, Quartz
Odds are, your Valentine will appreciate a present, topline, AP/GfK

Emerging nations embrace internet, mobile tech, Pew Research Center
Some nations catching up quickly to U.S. in tech adoption, Fact Tank
European tourism projected to grow again this year, Eurobarometer
Nearly 5 million jobs projected in European ‘app sector’ by 2018, EU
Putin’s popularity waned in Russia before Olympics, Gallup
2014 world press freedom index, Reporters Without Borders
Consumer prices in Germany rose 1.3% from past year, Destatis
Infographic: Violent crime in England and Wales, Office for National Statistics
Among BRICS, India has lowest workforce participation rate of women, Quartz
Adapting to the aging Baby Boomers, Financial Times

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.