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Majority of Americans favor ties with Cuba, Atlantic Council via New York Times
Congressional job approval at 12% in February, Gallup
Why it matters what the public thinks about Yellen, The Monkey Cage

Job openings and labor turnover, December 2013, Bureau of Labor Statistics
February survey of consumer expectations, New York Fed
Where do low-wage workers live?, Brookings
States embrace earned-income credit, The Pew Charitable Trusts
66% of U.S. workers did not have a 4-year college degree in 2011, Cleveland Fed
How long it takes Walmart, Google, others to bring in $1 million, The Economist
Long-term labor-market consequences of the Clean Air Act, NBER

Health & Society
Couples, the internet, and social media, Pew Research Center
NBC single-handedly pays for a fifth of all Olympic Games, The Washington Post
Do Facebook couples believe in the same god? Facebook
Negative views of healthcare law rise, RAND Corporation
College graduates work more, out-earn non-grads, Pew Research Center
Students taking AP exams nearly doubled in past decade, College Board
73% of children consumed caffeine on any given day, American Academy of Pediatrics

OECD unemployment rate falls to 7.6% in December, OECD
Post-mortem on economic forecasts during and after financial crisis, OECD
Gay rights in Russia and the former Soviet republics, Fact Tank

Random Sample
Visualization of Olympic medal winners and various indicators, The Huffington Post

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