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Texas Hispanics tilt Democratic, but state likely to stay red, Gallup
The state-by-state odds of Republicans winning the Senate, The Monkey Cage
Obama and mass deportation, The Economist

Payrolls up 113,000, weaker than expected; jobless rate 6.6%, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Charting the current state of the labor market, BLS
The rise of the low-wage breadwinner, CNN Money
The demographic engine of city growth, DemoMemo
Students from “quality” high schools do better in college, NBER

Health & Society             
Women make up over half of 800,000 who have stroke each year, The Washington Post
Americans familiarity with healthcare law unchanged, Gallup
Findings from a 2013 survey of poor Americans and the ACA, Kaiser Family Foundation
Most-uninsured states less likely to embrace health law, Gallup
Expatriations rose to record last year, The Wall Street Journal
Many new, educated urban dwellers came from overseas, The Wall Street Journal
A look at thrifty millennials, Guardian
How the sports in the Winter Olympics have evolved since 1924, The Washington Post
Are the Winter Olympics for rich countries? The Washington Post

Science & Technology
U.S. losing market share in global science and technology, The Washington Post
Full set of science and engineering indicators 2014, National Science Board

Nearly three-quarters of Russians say homosexuality unacceptable, Pew Research Center
Employment up 29,000 in Canada in January, unemployment rate at 7%, Statistics Canada
Aid to ‘fragile states’ down 2.4% in 2011 and projected to continue declining, OECD
Measles deaths reach record lows, World Health Organization
A global map of homophobia, The Atlantic Cities
How many hours of minimum wage work it takes to buy a beer, by country, Quartz

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