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Public skeptical of decision to hold Winter Olympics in Russia, Pew Research Center
Deficit projected to fall in 2014 and 2015, then start rising again, CBO
Partisan voting trends in Congress, 1953-2013, CQ Roll Call
Why you shouldn’t blame polarization on partisan news, The Washington Post
Christie’s loss appears to be Clinton’s gain, CNN/ORC
Midwest business leaders back comprehensive immigration reform, Chicago Council
More House incumbents facing challenging primaries, Center for Responsive Politics
Voters prefer internet as source of election information, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Recent gains keep confidence warm in January, Reuters/University of Michigan
Federal job cuts aren’t just biting inside the Beltway, Tax Policy Center
Why more educated workers enjoy greater employment stability, Federal Reserve
Computer and electronic products are top U.S. exports to Mexico, Census Bureau
If car culture is really dying, it’s a long, slow, complicated death, Quartz

Science & Technology
A quarter of U.S. households didn’t have home internet use in 2012, Census Bureau
More on the stubborn persistence of America’s digital divide, The Atlantic Cities
25.3 million Super Bowl tweets were sent last Sunday, Nielsen

Health & Society
Number of women with advanced degrees rose 52% from 2003-2013, Census Bureau
How spending per Medicaid enrollee varies across states, Kaiser Family Foundation
America’s heroin problem in two charts, Bloomberg
Mississippi most religious state, Vermont least religious, Gallup
Refugees and asylees in the U.S., Migration Policy Institute

Unemployment trends in Europe, Eurostat
OECD annual inflation nudges up to 1.6% in December 2013, OECD
Interactive: Women’s rights country by country, Guardian
Job uncertainty and household savings in China, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
55% in Asia-Pacific actively saving for health-related issues, Nielsen
Measuring state capacity and democratic governance in Latin America, LAPOP/Vanderbilt

Random Sample
Atlas of the historical geography of the United States, University of Richmond via FlowingData

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