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55% of Americans dissatisfied with gun laws — highest since 2001, Gallup
Wyoming residents most conservative, D.C. most liberal, Gallup
Christie loses ground among Florida Republicans, Quinnipiac
People more likely to vote if they’ll be asked about it later, NBER
Real-time tool to track campaign finances, Sunlight Foundation

Rhode Island had highest jobless rate (9.1%) in December, Bureau of Labor Statistics
The future of the U.S. job market, BLS (via C-SPAN)
Map: The earned income tax credit in your county, Brookings
Interactive: The War on Poverty in the states, 1959-2012, The Pew Charitable Trusts
What made the U.S. economy grow in 2013? Quartz
Why the homeownership rate is misleading, The New York Times
Charts: Putting U.S. economic growth in perspective, The Wall Street Journal
People who join work force in recessions happier in their jobs, Harvard Business Review

Health & Society
55% of Americans followed ACA rollout news closely in January, Kaiser Family Foundation
U.S. global health budget: Analysis of FY2014 appropriations, Kaiser Family Foundation
New report tracks behavioral health in America, SAMHSA
Hospitalizations due to firearm injuries in children and adolescents, Pediatrics
Share of single-person households changed little between 1995-2012, NCFMR
Fewer children play team sports, The Wall Street Journal
How much snow it typically takes to cancel school across the U.S., The Atlantic Cities
Hispanics’ faith in American Dream exceeds whites, blacks, The Washington Post
Who drinks more: Liberals or conservatives? Freakonomics

Japan posted third straight trade deficit in 2013, The New York Times
Euro area unemployment rate at 12.0%inflation down to 0.7%, Eurostat
Russian companies increase share of global weapons market, SIPRI
Assets at Islamic banks growing by 15% annually, Council on Foreign Relations
UK infant mortality rate, 2012: 4 deaths per 1,000 live births, Office for National Statistics
Liquid fuels and natural gas trends in the Americas, Energy Information Agency

Random Samples
Global population distribution, according to animals of the Chinese zodiac, The Economist
Charts: Emotional highs and lows of NFL fans as expressed on Facebook, Facebook

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