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Clinton has wide lead among Dems; GOP race wide open, ABC News/ Washington Post
Clinton alone in New Hampshire, no GOP frontrunner, University of New Hampshire
On Twitter, more criticism than praise for SOTU, Pew Research Center
How Obama’s State of the Union messages were received, The Wall Street Journal
New words and old words: Forty years of evolving SOTU themes, The Washington Post
SOTU ratings: Lowest – Fox won cable views, say early data, Bloomberg
Obama’s job approval up in California; two-thirds favor assault-weapon ban, PPIC
Fed Chairman Bernanke leaves with mixed verdict, Gallup
Charlie Crist tops Rick Scott in Florida gubernatorial race, Quinnipiac
Americans don’t trust government when their party’s out of power, The Washington Post
A history of executive orders in one chart, Christopher Ingraham

First read on 4th-quarter GDP growth: up 3.2%, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Which metros would be most affected by a $10.10 minimum wage, The Atlantic Cities
Why Detroit’s collapse was so much worse than other hard-hit cities, The Atlantic Cities
Defense, homeland security drive growth in federal workforce, GAO
The Polar Vortex has made you more productive, Harvard Business Review

Health & Society
47% of uninsured have unfavorable view of ACA, Kaiser Family Foundation
More uninsured planning to get insurance from exchanges, Gallup
Boston has longest wait times for physician appointments, Merrit Hawkins via WashPo
Snapshots: Medicaid and CHIP enrollments in June 2013, Kaiser Family Foundation
Expensive hospitals: Strong reputation, little evidence of better care, Kaiser Health News
Record number of minors traveling alone entering U.S. illegally, The Wall Street Journal
Do homeownership, rent subsidies protect people from material hardship? Urban Institute

Asians express most concern about aging societies, Pew Research Center
Interactive: Global population estimates, 1950-2050, Pew Research Center
At $51 billion, Sochi Olympics set to be costliest Games ever, Quartz
Confronting inequality in developing countries, UNDP
China’s top executives make more than twice as much as India’s, Quartz
Middle Blingdom: Chinese remains biggest buyers of luxury goods, The Economist
Tehran by the numbers, Guardian
German unemployment held steady in December, Destatis

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.