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Twitter’s real-time reactions to the State of the Union, Twitter
Top five “social moments” during State of the Union, Facebook
Democrats, Republicans differ on top priorities for government, Gallup
Fewer states leaned Democratic in 2013, but blue still led red, Gallup
The $956 billion farm bill, in one graph, The Washington Post

Obama’s economy in 17 charts, CNN Money
Who are the long-term unemployed? In 3 graphs, NPR
Consumers in search of confidence, The New York Times
Who has a higher minimum wage than the federal rate? The Wall Street Journal
Average airfare was $390 in third quarter, up 5.1%, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Housing affordability weakens in expensive West Coast markets, Zillow

Health & Society
2013 health cost trends in Massachusetts, State Health Policy Commission
Socioeconomic disparities in teen obesity, PNAS (via Harvard Business Review)
Millennials prefer coffee shops and pizzerias to burger joints, Quartz

Where are Syrian refugees going? Guardian
Operating profits at Chinese businesses grew 4% last year, National Bureau of Statistics
Record 2.6 billion nights spent in tourist accommodation in EU in 2013, Eurostat
48% of U.K residents with poor or no English were employed, Office for National Statistics

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.