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Americans’ top policy priorities for 2014, Pew Research Center
Where Americans stand on key issues, FactTank
Washington leaders start year in weak position, ABC News/ Washington Post
Negative views of health rollout ease; consumers still skeptical, with topline, AP/ GfK

Home sales rose 16% in 2013, Census Bureau
HHS releases poverty guidelines for 2014, Kaiser Health News
Nielsen: Internet advertising grew 32% in 2013, but still far behind TV, TechCrunch
Does greater inequality lead to more household borrowing? NBER
Unemployment down in most states, but earnings growth is patchy, Urban Institute
Labor force statistics on older Americans, Urban Institute
How — and where — LBJ fought the War on Poverty, NBER

Health & Society
Whatever happened to the Class of 2004? National Journal
Measles, other preventable diseases making big comeback, CFR (also NPR)
Clusters of affluence in San Francisco, Chris Walker
U.S. population growth and migration sputter, yet again, Brookings
Residents of poor nations see greater meaning in life, Harvard Business Review

Percent in Americas reporting their neighborhood is affected by gangs, LAPOP
Youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa, World Bank
Views from around the globe: How personal technology is changing our lives, Microsoft
Korea-EU business demography, Eurostat
Entrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe, World Economic Forum
How the shared economy is changing Europe’s car rental market, Timetric

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.