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Record low say their own representative deserves re-election, Gallup
Two key factors behind our polarized politics, The Washington Post
The politics behind the economic fairness debate, Cook Political Report
2014 House open seats, by ‘Partisan Voter Index’, Cook Political Report
2014 Senate ratings, The Rothenberg Political Report
Connecting the dots between partisanship and gridlock, Christopher Ingraham
Baby Boomers to push U.S. politics in the years ahead, Gallup

62% of U.S. CEOs plan to hire in 2014, PwC’s Global CEO survey
What do Americans think of income inequality? (Video) BBC
Mean vs. median income trends in U.S., via Project Syndicate
Union membership rate is flat at 11.3%, Bureau of Labor statistics
Natural gas displaced coal as go-to fuel for electricity, Energy Information Administration

Health & Society
New data show ‘snowbelt-to-sunbelt’ migration sluggish to return, Los Angeles Times
Births, deaths, and immigration in 2013, Census Bureau
Fewer immigrants came to U.S. last year, The Wall Street Journal
Naturalization application lawsuits drop 50% in five years, TRAC Syracuse
8,763 reported allegations of sex abuse in correction facilities, Bureau of Justice Statistics
49% of college teachers are part-time workers, DemoMemo
Politico’s best and worst U.S. states, Politico

Challenges in counting the world’s hungry, World Bank
Survey of Cambodian public opinion, USAID
Mental health and work stats in Switzerland, OECD

Random Sample
Facebook responds to Princeton study, Facebook

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