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Obama’s fifth-year job approval ratings among most polarized, Gallup
Voters say U.S. still in recession; glad to know Snowden secrets, Fox News
Poll: Snowden, marijuana and Obama approval, CBS News
Obama seen as nice guy, so-so president, with topline, AP/ GfK
Economy/ jobs and healthcare are top voter priorities, Quinnipiac
Implications of this year’s Senate races for 2016, Real Clear Politics
How better educated whites are driving political polarization, The Washington Post

Most see inequality growing, but partisans differ over solutions, Pew Research Center
U.S. economic mobility hasn’t changed much over time, but varies across places, Equality of Opportunity Project
Widespread growth in GDP across industries in 2012, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Cities face a good, but not great, economic outlook, The Wall Street Journal
Household income trends: December 2013, Sentier Research
Size of gender pay gap varies by state, job,  The Pew Charitable Trusts
State governments spent more in 2012 than they took in, Census Bureau

Health & Society
Uninsured rate shows initial decline in 2014, Gallup
Use of infertility services stays level, CDC
Cesarean birth rates by state, CDC
Immigration hold trends by gender, nationality, TRAC Syracuse
Reclassifying English learner students in California, Public Policy Institute of California

U.S. scores low in children’s well-being, Gallup
10 startling facts about global wealth inequality, The Washington Post
Who’s on the magic mountain? Data on Davos attendees, The Economist
Latest crime statistics in Britain, Office for National Statistics
Germany has one of OECD’s lowest homeownership rates, Quartz
EU Foreign Direct Investment stocks and current account surplus, Eurostat
Latest PMI numbers for U.S., China, Eurozone, Germany, France, Markit

Random Sample
The Big Mac index: Global exchange rates to go, The Economist

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