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65% dissatisfied with how the U.S. government system works, Gallup
Poll: Voters concerned about income inequality, George Washington University
Poll: Bridgegate takes toll on Christie’s 2016 hopes, Quinnipiac
How politically moderate are Americans? Less than it seems, The Washington Post
How Citizens United changed politics, in 6 charts, The Washington Post
Obama’s job approval points to 2014 trouble for Democrats, Real Clear Politics

Foreign ownership of U.S. assets, Council on Foreign Relations
Median weekly earnings of full-time workers rises 1.4% to $786, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Health & Society
Trends in social media usage, GlobalWebIndex via The Wall Street Journal
Land rush on the internet anticipated Feb. 4, Quartz
Poll: 62% say to keep marijuana use in pro-sports banned, Marist/ HBO Real Sports
How will more obesity, less smoking affect life expectancy? Center Retirement Research
How liberal arts and sciences majors fare, Assoc. American Colleges and Universities

5 key data sets for Davos, Guardian
The share of government and public-sector employees in OECD, The Economist
World Economic Outlook update, International Monetary Fund
The risk of a jobless recovery, International Labor Organization
Violence and migration in Central America, Vanderbilt University
Pathways to marriage and cohabitation in Central America, Demographic Research
2013 global climate report, U.S. NOAA
7.1% unemployment rate in UK, Office for National Statistics
Euro area government debt down to 92.7% of GDP, Eurostat

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